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NEW! We are looking for a Python\C++ Senior DEVELOPER for ramping up the Aliquis® product! --- Working at Bioretics is a great experience for anyone who wants to dedicate his careers to research. We are proud of all the interns who worked here and we are glad that after Bioretics they found a job in major organizations.
See the publication section, check out all the open positions and apply to the right one for you: contact us at Remember to authorize us to the treatment of your personal data as per GDPR 2016/679-European Rule contextually to the sending of your CV, otherwise we could not take in examination your contact.

open positions

  • Senior\Junior\Internship\Thesis developer

    We always are looking for positive, proactive and professional Senior\Junior\Internship\MScThesis developer in STEM topics to join our dedicated team in Cesena (Italy) for our machine vision projects.

    Job requirements:

    1. advanced programming in python, C/C++, CUDA
    2. machine and deep learning basis would be an asset
    3. computer vision basis would be an asset
    4. BIOMED skill would be an asset
    5. ready to periodic business trips in Italy
  • Senior\Junior\Internship\Thesis researcher

    We always are looking for positive, proactive and professional Senior\Junior\Internship\MScThesis researcher in STEM topics to join our dedicated team in Cesena (Italy).

    Job requirements:

    1. machine and deep learning basis
    2. computer vision basis
    3. advanced programming language python, C/C++ would be an asset
    4. knowledge in citology and microscopy would be an asset

Alessandro Marzo

At Bioretics I had the exciting opportunity to learn modern algorithms and techniques of Deep learning and Computer vision and firsthand experience their real word applications. During this internship I worked mainly on two projects. The first one was an application of optical character recognition (OCR) technology for receipt recognition while the second one was microscopy cell segmentation with fully convolutional networks. This allowed me to familiarize myself with advanced techniques of Deep learning and Computer vision such as Semantic segmentation and their most useful open source libriaries and frameworks (mainly OpenCV and Caffe). In the end, I’d like to truly thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff for making my internship an invaluable and rewarding experience. – Alessandro Marzo

Daniele Tavernari

During this internship with Bioretics I had the occasion to learn the basics of state of the art algorithms, tools and techniques for Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. The goal of my work was to train and test two different types of classifiers, Convolutional Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines, to classify handwritten digits from the MNIST database. For this I used different sets of features, analyzing and comparing the results. As a consequence, I had the possibility to get a theoretical overview of these classifiers and to explore strategies like Model Selection and Data Augmentation to improve their accuracy, with a hands-on experience.In conclusion, in addition to all the theoretical and practical knowledge I could get from it, this collaboration with Bioretics gave me an interesting insight of how Pattern Recognition techniques perform surprisingly well in solving complex real world problems.For all of that and for all the fun I had, I’d like to sincerely thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff. – Daniele Tavernari

Andrea Barnabò

During my thesis work performed in collaboration with Bioretics I had the opportunity to learn the most modern algorithms and techniques of Deep learning and Computer vision. I was very lucky to work on highly relevant theme in the medical field where machine learning techniques play a fundamental role. In particular I performed a study on some typical mammography problems dealt by using the state of the art techniques.  The tool Aliquis and the experience provided by the company played a fundamental role in the best realization of my thesis work. During my work I got familiar with some of the most important algorithm, such as SVM , CNN and Scattering Convolutional Network. I would like to sincerely thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff for the opportunity given to me, for their friendliness and availability in every occasion and for the professional growth I have gained working in such a Machine Learning company. - Andrea Barnabò

Eleonora Davì

Eleonora, Student of Computer Science at Ferrara University, Italy, has done a Internship (on remote due to COVID19) on geometric analysis of human brain cortex data borrowed from Constantini, I., Mazzamuto, G., Roffilli, M., Laurino, A., Castelli, F., Neri, M., Lughi, G., Simonetto, A., Lazzeri, E., Pesce, L., Destrieux, C., Silvestri, L., Conti, V., Guerrini, R., & Pavone, F. (2020). 3D reconstruction and analysis of four human brain cortex samples with two-photon fluorescence microscopy [Data set]. EBRAINS.  DOI: 10.25493/SNWB-YQR

Shola Oshodi

During my internship  in Bioretics I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge in  High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning,  in particular, I worked on multi GPU optimizations. The goal of my  project was to distribute the training of a model on multi GPU (located in the same  machine) and to evaluate the performance to understand the improvements  gained compared to a single GPU execution. My experience in  Bioretics was extremely formative because it allowed me to get familiar  with different technologies, frameworks, and  libraries (mainly Tensorflow) and gave me the opportunity to discover  the company environment and I really appreciate it. I’d like to sincerely thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff for the opportunity and the teachings given to me.

Lorenzo Zanetti

Internship on OpenCL optimizations

Alessandro Sciarrillo

“At Bioretics I had the opportunity to taste the working environment of a  company in the AI sector. During my internship I worked on the  development of a new stage for Aliquis which applies multi-scale and  multi-stride techniques in a combined way for  object-detection in images. It was an extremely stimulating experience  that gave me a concrete idea of what knowledge and skills are required  to be able to pursue a career in this sector.  I am extremely proud to  have been part of the Bioretics reality that  made me participate in the development of such an important project as  Aliquis, so I sincerely want to thank Matteo Roffilli and all the  Bioretics staff for this priceless experience. - Alessandro Sciarrillo”, Internship Bologna University

Elena Lucchi

Internship on frontend developing

Matteo Tamburini

The internship I completed at Bioretics allowed me to come into contact  for the first time ever with a concrete working environment. As a  translator, I was able to leverage my linguistic knowledge and  communication skills to localize and translate the company  website and other documents from English/Italian into Chinese. In order  to do so, I initially got familiar with the specialized fields of  artificial intelligence and computer vision, and then I built up  glossaries and gathered a set of resources for translating  as smoothly and faithfully as possible. I carried out the whole  localization process with enthusiasm and satisfaction, knowing that my  translations would constitute real added value for the company – as well  as useful material for the preparation of my master’s  degree thesis. At the conclusion of this challenging experience, I want  to thank Matteo Roffilli and all Bioretics’ staff for their kindness,  hospitality, and trust in my abilities. I will treasure the know-how and  the professional growth I could achieve through  our fruitful collaboration.

Pietro Orlandi

Thesis UniMoRe University on GPU-based Data augmentation