The software to write the AI core of other software

Aliquis® is an industrial-grade software framework for the low-code/no-code developing of AI-based machine vision applications for understanding real-world data streams in real time. Aliquis® dramatically speeds-up the Python\C++ coding of decision-making complex workflows inside classical applications, then deployed in servers or at the edge for manufacturing, healthcare, monitoring and predictive maintenance, among others business verticals.

Aliquis® is available as Windows\Linux Conda installer (for Developers and Software Integrators), Docker (for Data Scientists and HPC), and Linux-based ISO (for Industrial appliances, System Integrators, and ML Engineers).

Aliquis® fosters the democratization of AI... but remember that you still need to know what you are doing!

Download and Install Aliquis

Industry and Research

The software license for Aliquis can only be purchased in conjunction with R&D projects. Contact us for a quote.


Public Administration

For public administrations that use the electronic MEPA market click here.

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We have developed a specific version of Aliquis® for HPC (x86 and ppc). For information on how to use Aliquis® on supercomputing contact CINECA directly.

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